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Spokane Tethered Balloon Rides

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Are you looking for a unique way to grab attention and ensure that your next event is a hit? Consider Spokane Hot Air Balloon Rides's tethered hot air balloon rental. If you are planning to hold an outdoor event in the Spokane, Washington area, a tethered hot air balloon will excite your guests and attract crowds. Spokane Hot Air Balloon Rides's network of hot air balloon professionals provides more tethered rides than any other service in Washington. We guarantee you safe balloon rides and courteous service.

Tethered balloon rides are most common at corporate events, but can also be used for other special events from picnics to family reunions, media events to company parties, corporate marketing, or just drawing people to your location. The way you use your hot air balloon rental is only limited by the scope of your imagination.

Tethered Balloon Rides

Tethered balloon rides are a great way to experience a hot air balloon ride with colleagues and guests. For a tethered balloon ride, the balloon is securely anchored to the ground with carabiners and a series of high-tensile strength ropes to keep it from flying away. Tethered balloons can fly to a height between 25 and 100 feet above the ground, and they allow a large number of people to ride, making them great for special events with large guest lists.

Tethered hot air balloon events become even more spectacular after dark. They have a flame inside the 'envelope,' which illuminate the night sky. The balloon glow effect, especially where a group of hot air balloons are floating above the ground at night, is a spectacular finish to any special event.

Safe and Thrilling Tethered Balloon Rides in Spokane, Washington

Tethered hot air balloon rides are safe for guests of all ages, and our pilots are certified and very professional. It is also important to note that hot air balloon rides take place weather permitting. If you are considering a tethered hot air balloon rental for a corporate event, you can request to have your company's banner or logo incorporated for a unique advertising opportunity people are sure to notice. We will tailor our ballooning services to meet the individual needs of your event.

Our friendly customer service team is available, answering questions, and taking reservations seven days a week for your convenience. Ride the sky with Spokane Hot Air Balloon Rides Balloon Rides!