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Spokane Shared Balloon Rides

Enjoy a shared balloon ride with family and friends.

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A shared balloon adventure is a perfect way to meet new people. Better yet, share the adventure with a group of your friends and family! Spokane Hot Air Balloon Rides's network of ballooning professionals provides you with a chance to share the sky with others on a hot air balloon ride. We are Washington's premier hot air ballooning network. Book your hot air balloon ride with us today!

Shared balloon rides are perfect escapades; they are like red carpet rides in the air. Reserve a shared hot air balloon ride for your wedding, birthday, corporate event, anniversary, or just to have fun with a small group of people. Come and enjoy riding in the sky on a Spokane Hot Air Balloon Rides shared balloon ride. Our experienced and certified pilots are ready to take you on your hot air ballooning adventure.

Our aim is to provide safe and memorable hot air ballooning experiences in the Spokane, Washington area that no other company can come close to.

Hot Air Balloon Rides Are Fun to Share

Imagine lifting off gently toward the sky with your friends as your cares wane. A flare from the burner interrupts your peace for a moment. Distant hills and beautiful landscapes are revealed as you slowly rise above the treeline. For close to an hour, you drift on silent breezes over beautiful scenes, area farms, watersheds and forests. The pilot maneuvers the hot air balloon to different heights, at times ascending to heights above 2000 feet, where all of you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Spokane area landscape. Then, maybe moving near treetops, or dropping down for deeper views. Upon landing, you are joined by the crew who have followed your journey in the chase vehicle. Your hot air balloon ride is topped off with a celebration, photo taking session, and the memories shared as you head back to our launch site.

Whether you're considering hot air balloon rides in the Spokane area for business or pleasure, Spokane Hot Air Balloon Rides shared balloon rides should be on your list of fun activities. They're a unique way to bond and create memorable experiences.

Shared Balloon Flights

Flights are scheduled at sunrise and sunset, weather permitting. Spokane Hot Air Balloon Rides will provide a reliable crew from our network of ballooning professionals to assist in inflation, following in the chase vehicle and quick balloon pack-up. To go on a shared balloon ride, passengers should be over seven years of age, and under 250lbs. Your shared balloon ride will last up to 1 hour from takeoff to landing.

Reserving shared hot air balloon rides around Spokane, Washington is fast and affordable. Our friendly customer service team is available seven days a week to answer your questions and take your reservations. Get ready to float to the clouds!