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Gift Certificates

Hot air balloon rides make the perfect gift.

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Give a gift rich with fun, laughter, awe, and memories for days to come by giving a hot air balloon ride gift certificate. Clothes and electronics are great, but the experience of flying hot air balloons won't become outdated or worn. In fact, the first manned hot air balloon flight was over Paris in 1783. We're still enjoying their grace and beauty all these years later.

Give the Gift of Fun!

Buy a balloon ride gift certificate and treat your loved ones or a group of friends. A hot air balloon ride is the kind of gift you can give and KNOW the recipient will enjoy it. Apart from the acrophobic, who wouldn't love floating over the Spokane area in a majestic hot air balloon?

A Flexible Gift

Unlike many other gift certificates, a balloon ride gift certificate from Spokane Hot Air Balloon Rides is flexible, so you or your loved one can choose the perfect date to have your hot air balloon ride. Inclement weather, an unforeseen family emergency, or a bout of sickness won't keep you from enjoying your gift when you're ready.

Simple to Order

By simply calling 1-850-733-6408 you can order your hot air balloon ride gift certificate. It's as simple as that. When the lucky gift recipient is ready to schedule the ride, they just have to call ahead to reserve time to ensure there are spots available.