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Spokane Balloon Rides

Balloon rides are great fun for everyone

Discover what your life has been missing! Let Balloonible Spokane balloon rides take you off the ground and up to the sky so that you can enjoy the world at a much calmer pace. Trust Spokane Hot Air Balloon Rides's network of ballooning professionals to show you a good time in the skies. We provide the safest hot air balloon rides in Washington.

Our Spokane area hot air balloon rides are perfect for corporate events, romantic adventures, birthdays, and group outings with friends and family. When the hot air balloon drifts off in the wind, let yourself go and enjoy the ride.

The first manned hot air balloon flight was taken over Paris, France on November 21st of 1783. Choose one of our many hot air balloon ride packages and experience the beauty, tranquility and breathtaking views offered the world's oldest flying technology.

  • Shared Balloon Rides

    Ride the wind above Spokane with one of our exciting shared balloon rides! Shared hot air balloon rides are a unique adventure. You will be sharing a hot air balloon basket with other ballooning enthusiasts. Sail over the beautiful scenery as you unwind. There is no other adventure that allows you to see Spokane from such a serene vantage point.

  • Private Balloon Rides

    Experience the peace and tranquility of a private balloon ride over Spokane. Private balloon rides are a perfect romantic getaway. Spokane Hot Air Balloon Rides's private balloon rides allow you to have a hot air balloon basket all to yourself. Of course, the package includes the services of one of our experienced balloon pilots and ground crew. If you are looking for a unique, romantic option, a private hot air balloon ride is a sure way to provide that romantic touch.

  • Tethered Balloon Rides

    Our network of ballooning experts provide tethered balloon rides in the Spokane area, throughout the year. We guarantee an unbeatable tethered balloon ride experience. If you are looking to make your corporate promotion, media events, school assembly programs or other private parties stand out, a tethered balloon ride will do the job. You can have even your company's banner or logo added to the balloon for a unique advertising opportunity.

Whatever your next occasion, Spokane area hot air balloon rides provide breathtaking experiences you and your guests will not forget. Our friendly staff is available seven days a week to answer your questions, take your requests, and make your reservations. Ride with Spokane Hot Air Balloon Rides today!